New DNA research suggests that a small portion of Missouri’s original black bear population may have been surviving in the Ozark Wilderness for more than a century.

Researchers are using a wide array of non-invasive survey techniques to gather crucial data on the Missouri bear population. The foundation will support the work of wildlife management professionals, while providing citizen scientists with structured opportunities to help add to this growing body of knowledge.

2015 Science Goal

The Missouri Black Bear Foundation is planning a Spring Game Camera Survey. This large-scale survey project will put "a thousand cameras in the woods." Citizen researchers and their game cameras will be deployed throughout the state. Any bears captured on these cameras or by the researchers will help provide, over time, a meaningful data set for black bear population and distribution across Missouri. We will be working closely with the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Conservation Federation of Missouri to brand the project, promote and recruit the volunteer researchers and help collate and distribute the collected results. Pilot project slated to begin spring 2015.